Connect to WPA WiFI on Debian 9 using /etc/network/interfaces file

First let’s enable your WiFi device with the following command

ip link set wlx74da388c32d0 up

Then let’s install the wireless-tools package

apt install wireless-tools wpasupplicant

Then we need the psk key for our WPA. We get that by running the following command

wpa_passphrase your_ssid passwordhere

You will get an output that looks similar to below


Now we have everything to add our connection to /etc/network/interfaces

auto yourinterfacename
iface yourinterfacename inet dhcp
        wpa-ssid yourwifissidname
        wpa-psk cfac8bd8123859bbdf1967471f47f49091acb02895bd5a28914a1fc36969c11e

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